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Ducks in a Pond



Equipment: Hula hoops





Place hula hoops in the centre of the gym, one less than the number of participants. Have all the players go to a line that goes around the perimetre of the gym. Players are Ducks; they squat and cross their arms or place their hands under their armpits (left hand under right armpit, right hand under left armpit). Have them waddle on the line. When you feel like it, call out "Dive, ducks, dive!" The players must waddle to an empty hula hoop (pond). The player who does not find a pond is eliminated. The rest of the Ducks go back to waddling on the perimetre line. The eliminated Duck must squat in a hula hoop for the rest of the game, making it unavailable. Do it again, and place the next eliminated Duck in another hula hoop. Eventually you will only have two Ducks left and only one pond available. The Duck that reaches the pond first is the winner.