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Four SquareFour square diagram; Four Square Group Game 

 Sub Elimination


Equipment: A ball, four square grid or chalk







You need a large square with lines dividing it in half both width-wise and lengthwise. If you don't have one handy, you can draw your own on asphalt using chalk. Designate the squares 1, 2, 3, and 4 (or A, B, C, D). 4 (or D) is the most desirable square which the players want to reach and possess for as long as possible. 

Players line up and the first 4 players take spots on the court, each in one square. The rest remain in the waiting line. A player starts the game by "serving" the ball; bouncing it off the ground then hitting it with their palm or fist into another square. When the ball bounces in a player's square, that player must try to knock it into someone else's square. If they are unable to do so (for example if they knock it outside of the court or into their own square, or don't hit it at all) they are eliminated. Players cannot hold onto the ball. 

Players who are eliminated go to the back of the waiting line. The rest of the players move one space forward to fill their space and the first person in the waiting line goes to square 1. For example, if 3 were eliminated, 4 would stay in place, 2 would move to spot 3, 1 would move to spot 2, and 1 would be filled by first person in line. And the game continues.


Four Square Game; Four Square Group Game