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Gaga Ball


Equipment: A small room or benches, and a foam ball





It is common to section off a smaller part of the gym using benches turned on their sides

Create an enclosed area. The smaller the play area, the more difficult the game. Have everyone gather in the space. When you drop the ball to start the game, everyone chants "Ga, Ga, Ball" as it bounces. Players may hit the ball with the goal of having it hit the legs of someone else - while avoiding having it hit their own legs. They may not hit the ball twice in a row, and can only hit it again after it bounces off a wall or if someone else touches it. Players should use a fist to hit the ball, there is no 'lifting' (using an open hand to direct the ball). There is also no "turtling" (sitting or squatting); everyone must be on their feet. Bend at the waist, not the knees.

If the ball touches your foot or leg then you lose a life. If you touch the ball twice in a row you lose a life. You start with two lives, which entitles you to use both hands, either clasped or separate. When you lose your first life you put one hand behind your back and can only use the other hand to hit the ball. If you lose your second life then you are eliminated.

One Life Gaga Ball:

This is good for a quick last round. Players can use both hands. If the ball hits them below the waist they are eliminated.

Non Elimination Gaga Ball:

Instead of being eliminated, players who lose both lives must perform an exercise of some sort before rejoining the game and regaining both their lives, such as 5 push-ups, or sit-ups, or jumping jacks, or running to touch all four walls of the room. I like to have them do 5 push-ups the first time they are eliminated then 10 for the second, 15 for the 3rd etc. Make sure to reset everyone back to 5 every so often by changing the exercise.