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Alien HandshakeAlien Handshake group game



Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 10+




Select a NASA Scientist, who will go out in the hall where they cannot see the group. Have players sit in a circle with their eyes closed and heads down. Choose someone to be the Alien by tapping them on the head. Have all the players open their eyes and stand up and mingle. Call in the NASA Scientist. Players begin shaking hands with each-other as they mingle. The Alien has a special handshake that he can use. This is usually tickling the other person's palm with their fingers as they shake hands. If someone shakes hands with the Alien and he uses his special handshake, the player will freeze and then collapse. They can be dramatic but they must wait 5 seconds before they die so as not to give away the identity of the Alien too easily. The NASA Scientist meanwhile is observing the players as they shake hands and has three chances to guess who is the Alien. If they guess correctly they win, if not then the Alien wins. Choose a new NASA Scientist and play again.