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FlinchFlinch group game




Equipment: A foam ball


Have players stand in a circle. Choose a Flinchmaster to stand in the middle (I usually have a counsellor do this for the first round). Everyone in the circle should cross their arms with their hands on their shoulders. The Flinchmaster, standing in the middle of the circle with a ball, will either throw the ball to a person in the circle or *pretend* to throw the ball to a person in the circle. If they actually throw to ball to someone, that person has to catch it as long as it was a good throw. If they fail to catch it, they are eliminated and sit where they were standing.

If the Flinchmaster just pretends throw it, and the person to whom it was directed moves (or flinches), they are also eliminated and must sit down. The degree of movement which can be labelled a flinch will depend on the age group. The game ends when one person is left standing, and you can offer them the role of Flinchmaster in the next round. This is a good game to play during down-time on trips if you remember to bring a ball.


Non-elimination Variation:

When a person flinches or doesn't catch the ball when they should have, they switch places with the Flinchmaster and become the new Flinchmaster. This may not work with a larger group / younger children due to intentional flinches.


Non-elimination Variation 2:

When a person would be eliminated, they have to do a physical exercise instead, perhaps the same number of push-ups or sit-ups as their age or running to touch a far wall.