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Hands Up!



Equipment: None


This is similar to the game Squirt.


Players stand in a circle. One player is chosen to be the Agent. The Agent stands in the middle of the circle and points at a player and says a command. There are two different commands. If the Agent says "Hands Up!", the player the Agent is pointing at must squat down and the players on either side must raise their nearest arm in the air. If the Agent says, "Get down!", the player they are pointing at must raise both their hands in the air and the players on either side must squat down. A player who does the wrong action is eliminated, and must sit down. The more players sitting, the more difficult it becomes for those still playing.


The game continues until there is one winner. However, when their are two players remaining and the Agent says "Hands up" to one player, the other must now put both hands up. This continues until a mistake is made and the game ends.