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Poison Frog




Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 12+


Poison Frog is an alternative to the game Murder Wink.



Poison Frog group game

 Have the group sit in a circle. Select one person to be the Detective who goes out of the room or someplace where they cannot see the group. Have the participants put their heads down and close their eyes. Walk around the circle and when you are sure that no one is peeking tap someone on the head to be the Poison Frog. For the first round it is a good idea to choose an older kid who has played before. Have everyone lift their head and open their eyes and invite the Detective back in. Tell the participants that if they felt you tap them on the head they are now the Poison Frog. Once the Detective is in the middle of the circle announce that the game has started.


The job of the Poison Frog is to poison as many people as possible before the Detective guesses their identity. He/she does this by sticking their tongue out at other players in the circle. If you are a player in the circle and another player sticks their tongue out at you, you assume that they are the Poison Frog and you die (dramatically or quietly) by lying down. The Detective only gets three guesses. Try to encourage them to space out their guesses and don't let them wait too long to guess. The game ends when the Detective guesses who is the Poison Frog or when they use all their guesses (feel free to give them extra guesses after they use their first three). Often the easiest way to choose the detective for the next round is to offer it to the person who was the Poison Frog.