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Group Games for Social Distancing


Are you looking for group games and camp activities that you can play while social distancing?


We are all in the same boat. So here is an attempt to answer to the question: What can we play while social distancing?


The games listed here were chosen because they do not require physical contact or can be easily modified to play while maintaining space between participants and without using shared equipment. Click on the game to go to the how-to-play page.





Score the Bacon

Modification: Instead of one ball, place two balls in the middle a few metres apart, one for each team. Instead of competing to score the same ball, the players will compete to score their assigned ball in their own net first to earn a point. Players may only ever touch the ball with their feet.

Group Games for Social Distancing:


Paper Airplane Contest


But I Have 


Copy Cat




Giant Board Game


Here is a school in Quebec that created a giant Snakes and Ladders game on asphalt for the children to play while social distancing:

Giant Snakes and Ladders:


Circle Games:

The following circle games can be adapted for social distancing by spacing out the circle.


Poison Frog

Modification: Choose the Poison Frog by name while the rest of the participants are watching (except the Detective) to avoid tapping heads. 



Modification: Only the facilitator is in the middle as the Flinchmaster to avoid multiple players touching the ball. Players cross their legs. The Flinchmaster directs the ball  (In a bowling fashion) at their feet. If they move their legs when the ball is not tossed, they are out. If the ball is tossed, they must kick it back to the Flinchmaster.


Who's the Leader?


Bop!Group Games and Camp Activities to Play While Social Distancing


Two Truths and a Lie




Around the World


Venom Snake


Hands Up!


In the Pond





Feel free to browse the all the other games on the site and invent your own adaptions to suit your needs.