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Playmeo is a very well organized website featuring a huge collection of group games and activities - however most are behind a paywall. You can still filter the results to view the free activities. The advantage of this site is the games are explained in depth and with many variations.


The YouTube Channel features video tutorials of games and facilitator tips for leading activities:


"Over the course of his 30+ year career, playmeo’s founding director Mark Collard has delivered 2,000+ training days for 100,000+ people in 11 countries and written 5 best-selling books.

  • playmeo is best known for hosting the largest online activity database in the world, featuring 400+ group games & activities
  • More than 45K subscribers & users access our online resources every month
  • Our 350+ video tutorials have attracted 10+ million views on YouTube
  • We regularly produce content for 49K YouTube subscribers"