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Q-tip Battleq-tip battle group game




Equipment: 6 hula hoops or 6 boxes/bins, Straws and Q-tips or generic cotton swabs






Divide participants into two teams. Send each team to half of the room with a dividing line in the middle. Place 3 hula-hoops or bins an equal distance (about 3m) from the dividing line on both sides. Throw half of the Q-tips onto the floor on each side. Give each player a straw. When the game starts, players pick up Q-tips and put them in their straw and blow on the straw to launch the Q-tips like a blow dart. The aim is to try to get as many Q-tips in the hula hoops (or bins) on the other team's side as possible within a time limit. Players can pick up Q-tips from the floor on their side but cannot take them out of the hoops. Players must blow them; they cannot throw them. When the time is up (about 5min), each team tallies up their points by counting how many Q-tips they got into the hoops on the other team's side. The team with the most points win. If you play another round you can move middle hoop further back but award double points for any Q-tips scored.