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Clothespin: Clothespin Tag Game

Clothespin Tag




Equipment: Clothespins


This is a really fun everyone's-it tag game.


Everyone should receive  4 or 5 clothespins. You attach them to your shirt wherever or however you want. Once everyone is ready and spread out, start the game. If you are tagged, you stop and give the person who tagged you one of your clothespins. If you tag someone, they give you one of theirs and you attach it to your own shirt. If two players simultaneously tag each-other both agree to just walk away. It's important to explain beforehand that you cannot tag someone who is in the act of giving or receiving a clothespin. If you lose all your clothespins, you sit off to the side. The game shouldn't run on too long, end the game when more than half of the players have been eliminated or after 5 minutes. Have the remaining players count up their clothespins to see who had the most then redistribute them for the next round.


Try ending the activity with a speed round where each player only starts with 2 clothespins.