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Nun Chicken Airplane



Equipment: None



Divide participants into three equal groups. One group will be the Nuns and must clasp their hands together in front of them. Another will be the Chickens, who will tuck their arms under their armpits to mimic wings. The last will be the Airplanes, who stretch their arms out to either side. Have participants spread out. Everybody is It, but players can only tag as follows:


Nuns can only tag Airplanes.

Airplanes can only tag Chickens.

Chickens can only tag Nuns.


If a player is tagged they become the thing that tagged them. If a Chicken tags a Nun, the Nun becomes a Chicken and changes their stance. However, if an Airplane was to tag a Nun, the Airplane would have to become a Nun because they made a false tag. Keep in mind that due to the different stances, Nuns can only tag with clasped hands, Chickens can only tag with their elbows, and Airplanes can only tag with one hand because they must keep their arms outstretched while they tag. The game ends when all the players have become the same thing.


Tiger T-rex Ostrich


Tigers can only tag T-rexes.

T-rexes can only tag Ostriches.

Ostriches can only tag Tigers.


In this variation the same concept applies but with different stances. Tigers must crawl on hands and knees but can reach out and use their hands to tag. T-rexes can run, but must have their elbows tucked by their side and can only move their forearms. Ostriches can only use one hand, and it must be held so that their bicep is against their head. The other hand can be tucked behind them or pressed against their chest but cannot be used.