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Circle Pass



Equipment: 2 beanbags or balls


Divide the group into two teams. Form a circle and intersperse the players from each team in the circle so that every player is between two players from the other team. If you don't have already have assigned teams you can have them sit in a circle then number them off (1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, etc.). There must be an even number of players (extra player can be the referee if needed).


Introduce two different coloured beanbags or balls. Give one ball to a player on one team and give the other ball to a player on the opposite side of the circle who is on the other team. Both players should be directly across from each-other. When you start the game each player will pass the ball to the right to the next person on their team. They will only pass to the next player on their team which means they are passing it across the player between them who is on the other team. The passing continues until one ball overtakes the other ball. When this happens the team who managed to get their ball past the other is the winner. For example, when the blue ball catches up with the red ball, the team who was passing the blue ball wins.


A really fun idea is to use pillows for this game is you have some available.