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Snakes in the Gutter



Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 10+

Choose one person to start off in the middle. Everybody else goes to one wall. The person in the middle is a Snake and must stay in the Gutter, which means between the two lines in the middle. When the person in the middle yells "Snakes!" everyone must try to run to the opposite wall without being tagged by the Snake. Anyone who is tagged also becomes a Snake. The game is easy at first, but as more people are tagged getting past the Snakes becomes more difficult. The game ends when one person is left or when everyone has been tagged.




Snakes in the gutter group game


You must have two parallel lines in the middle of thegym 1m to 1.5m apart. If you don't have 2 lines in the middle you can always make them with painter's tape.

Snakes can move anywhere within the two lines. They can reach outside the lines to tag people but it will only count if both of the Snake's feet are still inside of the lines. If players are taking to long to cross, start a countdown, and if they don't make it to the wall in time they are automatically a Snake.