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Body Eyes Mouth 



Equipment: Blindfolds, popsicle sticks


Divide participants into teams of three. Assign each team member a role (Body, Eyes, Mouth) once you have described the roles. The Body will be the one performing the actions but will be blindfolded and cannot speak. The Eyes will be able to watch but not talk. The Mouth can talk but cannot watch. Have each group line up from the wall so that the Eyes are closest to the wall, facing away from the wall. The Mouth should be in the middle, facing toward the Eyes. The Body should be back to back with the Mouth, facing toward the gym. Place a popsicle stick across the gym from each team. When the game starts, the Body must go across the gym and retrieve the popsicle stick and bring it back to their group. The Eyes cannot move from their spot and cannot talk but can watch and must indicate to the Mouth what they should tell the Body. The Mouth must have their back to the gym so they cannot see the Body, they can only watch the Eyes and tell the Body how and where to move based on what the Eyes indicate through gestures and expressions. The first team to bring the popsicle stick back to their group wins.

You can play it again by rotating the roles amongst the team members. To make it harder t you can place a variety of coloured popsicle sticks and the Body must only bring back a specific colour.