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Beaver Sam


Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 10+


This is a great wall-to-wall game where the players who are caught still participate and a little luck can get you through a round.


One person starts out in the middle of the gym while everyone else is against one wall. Everyone chants:


Beaver Sam, Beaver Sam

May We Cross Your Beaver Dam?


The person in the middle answers “Only if...” and specifies something such as “Only if you are wearing purple.” Then the people who are wearing purple get a free walk across to the other side of the gym. The person in the middle will then call “Go!” and everyone who did not meet the criteria must run to the opposite wall without being tagged by the person in the middle. Anyone tagged joins the person in the middle and tries to tag people in the next round. The game goes until everyone is tagged.


Encourage kids to use a variety of objective criteria such as what they are wearing, their age, their birth month, the first letter of their name, etc. rather than asking subjective things such as if they like pizza, if they've been to somewhere, their favourite colour (things that can't be verified).