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Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 8+


Squirt Group Game

Have participants stand in a circle around a player chosen to be the Squirtmaster. The Squirtmaster clasps his hands with his two pointer fingers pressed together and points at random players in the circle, saying "Squirt". The player he is pointing at must duck down, and the two players on either side point at each-other with hands clasped and yell "Squirt!". The first one to do this wins and stays standing. The person who didn't say squirt or who said it too late is eliminated and sits down where they were standing. The player who ducked stands back up. The player who ducks may also be eliminated if they don't duck before one of the players to the side shouts "Squirt!"

The game becomes more tricky as the spaces between the players widen. The game continues until there are two players remaining. These two players then have a Squirt-off. They stand back-to-back and start walking away from each other as the counsellor tells a story and when the counsellor says "Squirt!" (as part of the story) they must turn around, point at each-other and yell "Squirt!". The first to do so is the winner, and gets to be the Squirtmaster in the next round.