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Who Nose?Who Nose group game; Great Camp Games




Equipment: None



Choose a category (ex: animals, food, cities, brands). Players take turns saying something that belongs in that category. When a player says something that does not belong in the category, the first player who thinks it is wrong places their finger on their nose. When other players see that one person has their finger on their nose, they must do the same until everyone is doing it.


Discuss whether the item is or is not part of the category (you can also take a vote). If it was decided the item was not part of the category, the player who said the item is eliminated (they sit down or leave the circle). If it is decided the item was valid to the category, the player who put their finger on their nose first is eliminated. Continue the game with the same or a new category.


To make it more difficult once players are accustomed to the game, introduce a new rule: If the item said was not part of the category, the player who was last to put their finger on their nose is eliminated.