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Hotdogs in a Bunhappy hotdog gif; hotdogs in a bun group game





Equipment: 4 mats



Gym floor plan; hotdogs in a bun group game


Place a mat in each quadrant of the gym. Choose one player to be the Tagger and have them start in the centre. Have all the other participants lie on their bellies on any of the four mats. When the game starts, the Tagger calls out:

"Three, two, one, hotdogs in a bun!"

All the players must get up and find a different mat without being tagged by the Tagger. They are safe once they make it to a new mat and lie down. The Tagger tries to tag as many players as he/she can. If a player is tagged they go to the centre of the gym to become a Tagger in the next round. The players who become the new Taggers replace the the previous Tagger in the middle. The previous Tagger joins the other players on the mats. A new round begins with the Taggers calling out the chant and the game repeats.

The game can end after all the players (except the previous Taggers) have become Taggers or after a certain amount of time.