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Steal the Bacon




Equipment: A ball



Divide participants into two teams. Have each player pair up with someone from the opposite team. Try to encourage kids of a similar age / speed to pair up as they will be competing directly with their partner. Have each team line up on a wall across opposite each other. Pairs should be directly across from each other. Number each pair.


Place a ball in the middle of the gym. At the beginning of each round the leader will call out a number. The two people who were given that number, one from either team, will run toward the ball with the goal of grabbing it and taking it back to their side. If they get the ball back to their wall they get a point for their team. However the person who does not grab the ball may try to tag the person with the ball, and if they do they prevent that person from getting the point. Place the ball in the middle again and call a different number.


Once they've all gone quite a few times you can start calling two and then even more numbers at once. Then you can try adding another ball in the middle.