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Marble Passmarble pass group game




Equipment: Cardboard paper towel rolls, and a marble or small ball


This game requires a paper towel tube for each participant. You can use the tubes for the Marble Works activity afterwards.



Each player needs a cardboard tube. Players sit in a circle and one player starts by putting the marble in their cardboard tube. They hold the tube up to the tube of the person next to them and attempt to get the marble into the tube. Then that person tries to get the marble in the next person tube and this continues until it gets back to the person who started it. If the marble is dropped or a person touches it with their hand then the marble has to go back to the person who started it and the challenge must be restarted.


You can also have them try to cross a certain distance (ex. from one line on the gym floor to another) working as a team with players at the end of the line running around to the front. Or you can challenge them to see how far they can go. To make it harder, you can add rules that only allow participants to only touch their own tube, or only use one hand to hold it. If you really want to challenge the group you can have them try to pass the marble up a stairway.