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Team Bowl-out


Equipment: 8 - 12 bowling pins, or pylons, foam balls


Place the bowling pins near the wall along both sides of the gym. Put the balls along the middle line. You can also use upside-down pylons if you don't have bowling pins.

Split the participants into two teams and send each team to a side of the gym. Have them touch the wall on their side and when you say "Go" they can race to the middle to grab a ball. They cannot cross the middle line, but their goal is to throw balls to knock over the other teams bowling pins. Players are allowed to block, but if a pin is knocked down it still counts, irrespective of who or how it was knocked it down, so remind players to be careful not to knock over pins on their own side. They cannot hold onto pins or put fallen pins back up. The game ends when one side has knocked over all the pins of the other team.

Team Bowl-Out Group Game. Group Games and Camp Activities for Kids at Great Camp Games:

If you are playing with points, you can assign a certain number of points to each bowling pin and set a time limit for the game, then add up the points at the end.

You can also keep the game interesting by allowing them to set up a mat, and then maybe 2 or 3 mats, to block their pins before you start a round. Just make sure they don't touch the mats,reposition them, or pick them back up during the game. Try a speed round where there is only one or two pins for extra excitement.