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YoshiYoshi running; yoshi group game



Equipment: Mats, pinnies to distinguish teams





 Place two mats on either end of the gym.

Gym layout; Yoshi group game

Only put the mats against the wall if the wall is padded, otherwise put them closer to the centre of the gym.


Divide participants into two equal teams. Designate each team to a half of the gym. When the game starts, players try to cross the middle line into the other team's territory and make it to the mat, where they will be safe. If a player is tagged on the other team's side, they must sit down where they were tagged. Another player from their team can rescue them by getting to them without being tagged, holding hands or linking elbows, and walking back to their side. They cannot be tagged on the way back.

Players that have made it to the mat can also rescue their team-mates but when they leave the mat, they are no longer safe and can be tagged. As well, if a player leaves the mat to rescue their team-mate, they must return to their teams side and try again, rather than returning to the mat.

When there are a lot of player's sitting, you can call out "Yoshi", which allows all players who are sitting to stand up. They can either run for the mat or back to their side. 

The first team to get all of it's players on the mat wins.