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Hoop Ball




 Equipment: A hula hoop, tape, foam balls





Place a hula hoop in the centre of a circle. Use tape to keep it in place. Choose one player to start as the King in the hoop. All other players start outside the circle. When the game starts, throw 5-8 foam balls around the gym. Players can grab balls from outside or inside the circle, but must throw them from outside the circle. They are trying to throw them so that the ball hits the floor inside the hula hoop. The King (the player in the hoop) tries to stop the balls. If a player gets a ball in the hoop, they become the new King and the old King goes outside the circle with everyone else. The leader should be watching carefully to judge when a ball has scored.

If you find that it is too easy and that the King is being switched too often (maybe due to the size of the hula hoop, size of the circle, number of players, number of balls), you can have each new King choose two friends to be his Guards. The Guards would stay between the circle and the hoop. They help the King by trying to stop balls from going into the hoop, but they cannot step inside the hoop.