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Hotdog; Hotdog Tag Game

Hotdog Tag

Non Elimination


Equipment: A red, a yellow, and a green pinnie

Recommended Players: 15+


Choose one or two players to be It. When they tag someone, that person will lie down on the ground and is a weiner. In order to be freed, two other players must come and lie on either side and be buns. You can have the two buns high five. Then all three stand up and continue to run away from the taggers. Players cannot be tagged when they are lying down beside a weiner; they can lie down and wait for another bun but they cannot get up until they have freed the weiner.


You can keep interest in the game by adding Condiments. Choose someone to be Ketchup. Give them a red pinnie that they must wave over the weiner and two buns before they are freed. Then add a Mustard. Then a Relish. The Condiments cannot be tagged.


You can even make this a high-intensity elimination game by adding a Dog, who must crawl on hands and feet. They can only tag a weiner that has two buns but has not been blessed by all three Condiments. If they tag a weiner who meets those conditions, that player is eliminated, but the two buns go free.


Puppy-guarding can become an issue in this game. You can also call "3, 2, 1, Everyone's up" on occasion.