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Guardians of the Stickspopsicle sticks



Equipment: Coloured popsicle sticks or coloured clothespins, pinnies

Recommended Players: 15+




Select two to four people to be the Taggers. Then select three players to be the Guardians. If you have coloured pinnies you can give a red one to the Red Guardian, a green one to the Green Guardian, and a blue one to the Blue Guardian. Give each Guardian an amount of their own colour popsicle sticks equal to the number of players. For example, if there were 24 players, give the Red Guardian 24 red sticks, give the Green Guardian 24 green sticks, and give the Blue Guardian 24 blue sticks (it doesn't have to be exact).


Give every other player three popsicle sticks, so that each player has 3 different colours, for example a blue popsicle stick, a green one, and a red one. When the game starts, the Taggers try to tag the other players. If they do so, the player that they tag must give them one of his/her popsicle sticks. 


Players who have been tagged by the Taggers and lost a stick can receive a new one by tagging a Guardian. A player who tags a Guardian receives a stick, but cannot have more than one of each colour at a time. A player is eliminated if they lose all their sticks. Guardians are also eliminated if they run out of sticks, so encourage them to run away from players who need a stick. Players can still be tagged while chasing a Guardian but a Tagger cannot tag a person more than once in a row. That means if they tag someone, they must tag a different person before they are allowed to tag that person again.


You can end the game when half the players have been eliminated, when all three Guardians have been eliminated, or when there are only a few players left.