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The Goat Game



Equipment: A blindfold


Play this game in a grassy field.



Divide participants into two equal teams. One team forms a wide circle with joined hands. The other team remains a distance outside of the circle except for one player that is chosen as the Goat. The Goat is blindfolded and starts in the centre of the circle. When the game starts the Goat tries to tag any of the members that form the circle. The players on the Goat's team who are outside of the circle can shout directions to help the Goat. The circle must remain intact, but can move as a whole in any direction to avoid being caught. Essentially it is a game of tag between the blindfolded Goat and the circle people. Once the goat has caught the circle, the teams switch and play again. You can keep track of how long it takes each team if you would like.