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Refrigerator Box Time Machines



Equipment: Large cardboard boxes


You can go to your local hardware / appliance store and ask if you can have some of their cardboard boxes from refrigerators or other large appliances.

refrigerator box time machine

Have participants work together to decorate the box or boxes, probably using paint. Once done (and dry) choose a participant to be the Time Traveler. Have them choose a year or time period to which they will travel then have them go inside the box (The Time Machine). Everyone else rattles the box and makes sound effects, then the Time Traveler steps out and everyone pretends to be part of that time. For example, the Time Traveler could pick to go back to "when there were dinosaurs". When he/she steps out, everyone would pretend to be a dinosaur. Players can even improvise storylines if they want (a Time Traveler might step out onto a pirate ship, and after meeting the crew might be accused of stealing treasure and forced to walk the plank). Then a new Time Traveler is chosen and the game is repeated.