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Sausagesausage group game



Equipment: None



Participants sit in a circle. The player chosen to start asks the person sitting next to them a question. The player being asked must answer with only "a sausage" or "sausages". If that person laughs or smiles while being asked or while answering, they switch spots with the Asker. The Asker then poses a question to the next person in the circle. If that person laughs then they would switch spots. If the player doesn't laugh, they would become the Asker and it would be their turn to ask the person next to them. The game continues until it has gone all the way around the circle. Players try to be the Asker for as long as possible by asking the silliest questions.


Nick turns to John who is on his right and asks: "What do you use to brush your teeth?"

John answers with a straight face: "A sausage".

John turns to Rebecca: "What's that in your eye?"

Rebecca laughs as she replies: "Sausages"

John switches places with Rebecca.

John then asks Mary, who was to the right of Rebecca: "How old are you?"

Mary stammers but does not smile as she replies: "S-saus-age".

Because she did not laugh or smile, it is Mary's turn to ask the person on her right.