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Non Elimination


Equipment: Flag Football belts and flags


This is a challenging and fun everyone's-it game that older kids especially enjoy.


Football Flags and Belt: Flags Game

Don't have flags? You can use clothespins to dangle plastic bags or strips of fabric.

This game requires the belts and flags that are used for Flag Football. All the players should put on a belt with two flags on it, one on either hip. This is a free-for-all game, so make sure everyone is ready and spread out before you start the game. The goal is to steal as many flags as you can of the hips of other players without having yours stolen. You cannot block your flags with your arms or hands or tuck them into your pockets. The only way to avoid having them stolen is to dodge and weave and out-run and out-manoeuvre anyone who is after you. You are trying to steal flags from other players too, and if you do you hold them in your hand. If you lose both flags on your hips you are still in the game and can continue to still steal other peoples flags. The game ends when no-one has flags left on their hips. Get the players to count the flags in their hand and congratulate the player who had the most.


You can also play an elimination version where once you lose both the flags on your hip you are eliminated and sit on the side. The game would continue until one person is left or until you call it to end. You can have the remaining players count their flags.