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Mother May I?



Equipment: None


This is a game that's best played for fun rather than competition.





Mother May I? group game


It's best to have the Mother stand with her back to a wall or tree

Choose a player to be the Mother. The Mother goes to one end and the players form a line along the other end. Players take turns to ask her questions such as:


Mother, may I take 5 hops?


Mother, may I take 20 baby steps?


Mother, may I run for 2 seconds?


If Mother says "Yes" the player may perform the action, moving toward the Mother. Then it is the next players turn to ask. If Mother says "No" the player stays where they are and the next player asks. The idea is to straddle the line between asking for as much distance as you can get without asking for too much and being rejected. However, Mother's choice is entirely arbitrary which is why it is not a good competitive game. The first person to reach Mother is the winner and becomes Mother next round.