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Score the Bacon




Equipment: 2 hockey nets or 4 pylons, and a ball


This game is a variation on Steal the Bacon that incorperates soccer.









Players line up along the far walls, each player across from the player with the same number. The nets (use two pylons or a hockey net) are placed along the walls on the middle line. The ball is placed in the middle.

Place a hockey net at each end of the middle line. Divide the players into equal two teams and have the teams stand along opposite walls. Number each member of the team so that each player is standing across from the player on the other team with the same number. Try to match up players that are similar in age, height and soccer skills. Place a ball in the middle of the gym. Assign one net to each team.

The leader calls out a number and the players who were assigned that number run to the ball. They cannot pick up the ball or touch it with their hands. Each player tries to kick the ball into the other team's net. The first player to score the ball wins a point for their team and a new round begins.

You can also change the sport such as shooting hoops with basketballs. In this case and with some other sports, you may want to place two balls in the middle instead of one and the first to score would win a point for their team.