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Cat and Mouse



Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 6+




Choose one person to be the Cat and another to be the Mouse. Have the remaining players form Houses by pairing them up and having them join hands above their heads. When the game starts, the Cat is trying to tag the Mouse. If the Cat tags the Mouse, they change roles, the Mouse becomes the Cat trying to tag the Mouse. When the Mouse is tired or about to get caught, he/she can go under a House and stand up and join hands with one of the people making up that House, displacing the other person, who now becomes the Mouse. That person can likewise do the same when he/she would like to.


If you have a Cat who is unable to catch the Mouse or who is tired, you can change it so the Cat can also switch with a House. You can also try the game where only the Cat can switch with a House and the Mouse may not.