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The Bead Game




Equipment: A bag of beads, buckets







Divide the participants into two or more teams. Give each team a bucket to place on opposite sides of the room. Create a legend which indicates good and bad beads. For instance: Good = Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple; Bad = Red, Orange, Pink. This will be dependant on the colours of the beads that you have. You want to have more good colours than bad colours. Make sure to display the legend where players can see it while they are playing. Dump all the beads out onto the floor so they disperse around the room. When the game starts, player's goal is to collect as many good beads as they can and put them in their own bucket. They also want to collect bad beads and put them in the other team's bucket. When all the beads have been collected have each team count out the good beads in their bucket and also count out the bad beads in their bucket. The final score for each team will be equal to the number of good beads minus number of bad beads. The team will the highest score wins. For older kids you can even assign each colour a specific value such as: Green = +3, Yellow = +2, Blue = +1, Red = -1 Orange = -2, etc.