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Black Magicblack magic group game



Equipment: None


This is a "What's the trick?" game that can be played while waiting for a bus.



Have one leader go out of the room or somewhere out of earshot where they can't see what you are doing. Have the kids choose an object or mark that's visible from where you are. It can be tiny or big. Then have the other leader come back and pretend to telepathically tell them what it is, then start asking him/her if it is the thing that you are pointing at.


For example, the kids choose the line in the pavement, and you call back the other leader and begin asking:


"Is it this stick?"


"Is it the clouds?"


"Is it Fred's banana?"


"Is it my shoes?"


"Is it that garbage bag?"


Is it this line in the pavement?"



The other leader will be able to get it every time. The trick is simple: the leader should answer "Yes" to the question following the question about something black. In the example above, the garbage bag is black, so the answer to the following question was "Yes". Therefore, you must not question them about anything black until you are ready to ask them about the chosen object in the next question. It is also advisable to choose something that is definitively black, rather than something that might be ambiguous and therefore confusing to the other leader. You can switch roles to prove to the kids that you can indeed communicate telepathically.