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Toe TapToe Tap Group Game




Equipment: None


This is a fun name-remembering game.



Have participants sit in a circle with their legs straight out in front of them. One person starts out in the middle of the circle as the Tapper. The leader starts by calling out the name of another person in the circle. That person tries to call out the name of someone else within the circle, and so on. Each time the Tapper will be trying to tap the feet of the named person before they call out a new name. This continues until the Tapper is able to tap someone's toes before they have a chance to call a name. The player who was tapped will switch places with the person in the middle. The person who was in the middle will say a name to start the game again. The game continues until you peak it. You can give the Tapper a pool noodle, rolled up newspaper, or have them just use their hands.