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Leg Passleg pass group game




Equipment: A ball



Participants sit in a circle with their legs straight out in front of them. One person starts with the ball resting on their legs and must try to pass it to the person beside them without using their arms. The goal is to pass it around the circle so it gets back to the person who started. If the ball falls on the floor, it must restart back at the beginning.


You can also play this game as a team game. Divide players into two or more teams and have them sit in a line with their legs out in front of them. The person at the front of the line starts with the ball and it must be passed down the line. When it reaches the last person they pick it up go sit at the front of the line, then they pass it down the line. The game continues until a team wins when the person who started with the ball ends up back at the start of the line with the ball.