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Elephant Ball


Equipment: A foam ball (or a ball that isn't bouncy)


Elephant Ball Group Game

Have players stand in a circle, facing inward. They must spread their legs a little more than shoulder-width apart and their feet should be resting against those of the players to either side. There should be no unoccupied spots in the circle. Introduce a ball into the circle. Players may hit the ball with both hands clasped with the goal of knocking it through the legs of another player and trying to prevent it from going through their own legs. If the ball passes through the legs of a player they are eliminated and the circle should fill the gap that they left by becoming smaller. Players are not allowed to crouch. It can be a good idea to have someone assigned to fetch the ball when it goes out of the circle to keep the game's momentum going. You can also add in more balls. When you get down to the last two remaining players you can have them put one foot against a wall and the other against a bench on it's side to create an alley that they can battle within. Have them move closer together if it's taking too long.


Two Life:

In this version players start by using both hands clasped together. If the ball goes between their legs they put one hand behind their back and can only use one hand to hit and block the ball. The second time it goes between their legs they are eliminated.


Three Life:

Players start by using both hands clasped. If the ball goes between their legs they put one hand behind their back. The second time it goes under their legs they turn around so their back is toward the centre, but they may use both hands again (hands don't need to be clasped). The third time they are eliminated.