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Mystery Number Tag



Equipment: None


A player or the leader starts in the middle as the Tagger. All the other players form a circle around the Tagger. The Tagger thinks of a number between 1 and 12. Once he/she has chosen a number (they keep it to themself), he/she says "Start". The other players begin walking in a circle, counting out loud the steps they take. When the players reach the number that the Tagger had chosen, the Tagger screams the number and can try to tag as many people as he/she can. The other players can be safe if they run to touch a gym wall. Once all the players who had not been tagged are safe, a new round starts with anyone who was tagged now in the middle. They must form a huddle and choose a new number amongst themselves while the other players form a circle around them. The game repeats until everyone has been tagged.


If you play this outside, instead of having a specific safe spot (the gym walls), you can instead start a countdown of ten seconds during which players can be tagged.