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ManhuntDetective; Manhunt Game

Non Elimination


Equipment: None


Manhunt is a recess favourite that can be played inside or outside.





Manhunt starts off with one person who is It. In it's simplest form, that person will try to tag other people and whoever is caught becomes It with the tagger. They then try to tag more people and the game ends when everyone is It. In this game there is also the aspect of not knowing whether someone is It or not; you might get complaints that someone tricked them by saying they weren't It but then tagged them. I usually allow tricking because it adds to the fun and strategy of the game, but it's a good idea to warn the players ahead of time if tricking is allowed.


You can also play with the hide-and-seek element, where players hide from the person who is It before the game starts, but remember that in a camp environment you must know where all your participants are.