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Capture the Flag



Equipment: Two colours of beanbags, 2 hula-hoops, 2 flags, pylons, pinnies to distinguish teams


There are a bunch of different variations to this game; this is my favourite, best played outside.



Choose a wide, open playing area. Divide the playing area into two halves by defining a middle line.  Place a hula-hoop on each side, not too close to walls or barriers, and each should be the same distance from the middle. Place 4 - 6 beanbags of one colour in one hula-hoop and the same amount of a different colour in the other hula-hoop. Also place one flag (or fabric or pinnie) in each hula-hoop.

Divide participants into two equal teams. Each team starts of on a side. Players are safe on their own side but can be tagged when they cross into the other team's territory. The goal is to make it to the hula-hoop on the other team's side, grab a beanbag, and safely get back to your own side. Place the stolen beanbag in your own hula-hoop. A player may only steal one beanbag at a time. Players may also choose to take back their own colour beanbag, rather than take one of the other team's. They may choose to this because once a team has none of their own colour beanbags in their hoop, the other team may attempt to steal the flag. If they successfully get the flag back to their side, they win. The flag may only be stolen when the team has no beanbags left.

If a player is tagged when on the opposing team's territory, they sit down where they were tagged. They can be saved by having another player from their team safely get to them. The two players would link arms and walk back to their side. If a player with a beanbag is tagged, the player sits and the beanbag is returned to the hoop. It will probably be necessary to define an area around the hula-hoop which players who are defending may not cross to limit frustrating puppy-guarding.

It may also come about that players would like to pass the beanbags to each-other. In this case, you may allow it with the rule that if a beanbag is dropped, it is returned to the hula-hoop from where it came and the player who last touched it must sit down as if they were tagged. You may also allow a rule where a player is safe if they are inside the hula-hoop when on the other team's side. Together these rules can lead to a whole different kind of game and strategy. Lastly, you can choose to designate some safe zones in each side, something where a player is safe if they are touching it, such as trees if there aren't too many.