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The Keyper




Equipment: A set of keys, a chair, a blindfold

Recommended Players: 8+



Keys Group Game

Have participants sit in a circle. Choose one player to be the Keyper. He/she sits in the centre of the circle on a chair. Place the keys under the chair. Have the Keyper close his/her eyes. A blindfold is even better. The counsellor points to someone in the circle to be the Thief. That person tries to steal the keys by silently moving to the centre and then taking the keys back to their spot.


If the Keyper thinks they can hear where the Thief is he can point to where he thinks they are. The Keyper has three guesses. If he correctly points to the Thief, the keys are replaced in the middle and the Keyper keeps his throne. The counsellor selects a new person to attempt to steal the keys. If the Keyper does not point to the Thief with any of his 3 guesses and the Thief gets back to their spot, the Thief becomes the new Keyper.


The Keyper should not open their eyes after they guess (point). The counsellor will indicate if they have pointed successfully or not. If the cousellor says "No" they must keep their eyes shut. If the counsellor says "Yes", meaning they have successfully pointed at the Thief then they may open their eyes to see, but because they are still the Keyper they must close them again before the next attempt starts.