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Line Tag


Non Elimination


Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 8+

Gym Floor Plan; Line Tag Game

Classic Line Tag

Choose someone to the Tagger.  Everyone can only run on the lines on the gym floor. They cannot move from one line to another unless the lines intersect. If the Tagger tags someone, that person now becomes the Tagger and the person who was It is no longer It.

Roadblock Line Tag

In this version the person or people who are the Taggers are It for the whole game. Anyone they tag must sit where they were tagged and become a Roadblock. Players cannot run past a Roadblock but must instead find a route that goes around. If a player breaks the rules and goes past a Roadblock then they automatically become a Roadblock. The game ends when everyone is a Roadblock.


In subsequent rounds you can introduce a rule where Roadblocks can tag players that come too close. You can encourage Roadblocks to lie down and block as many paths as they can. You can make it really tricky by letting the Taggers run wherever they want while everyone else must stay on the lines. You can allow players to jump lines. You should save this for the last round because this can become disorderly. Finally, if too many players aren't sticking to the lines you can turn it into Walking Line Tag where everyone can only walk and must stay on the lines.