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Extreme 4 Corners


Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 15+

Regular 4 Corners

Select one person to be in the middle. That person counts down from 20 with their eyes closed. Everyone else must run to a corner of the gym. When he/she is finished counting, the person in the middle (while their eyes are still closed) points to a corner. Anyone who is in that corner is out of the game and goes and sits in the middle. Encourage kids to try to mislead the Counter by stomping around and then tip-toeing to a corner. The game ends when one person is left or everyone is eliminated.


Extreme 4 Corners

Select one person to be in the middle. That person counts down from 30 the first round, 25 on the second round, 20 on the third, etc. Once they get to counting from 10 you can have them count from 9, then from 8, etc. Probably hold steady once you get to 5. When they finish counting they point to a corner then open their eyes. Anyone who was in that corner must run to the opposite corner. The person in the middle must try to tag them before they get there. Anyone tagged before they reach the opposite corner joins the Counter in the middle. They don't have to close their eyes or count but they cannot give hints to the person who is counting. When the person in the middle has finished counting, he/she points to a corner and then opens his/her eyes. Anybody in that corner must run to the opposite corner, but now anyone who is in the middle can also try to tag them before they do. If they are tagged by anyone in the middle, they become a tagger in the middle. Make sure the taggers start off in the middle circle each round, but after the Counter has chosen a corner they can leave the circle to tag the runners.

Encourage the kids to actually go to the corners, but if they are trying to be sneaky or in the later stages of the game when they don't have much time, specify that whatever quadrant they are in when the Counter points is what will count. Or you can say anyone not in a corner when the count is finished is automatically in the middle. You can place a pylon close to the corner that they have to get behind if you have a lot of kids playing.