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Bench Ball



Equipment: 2 benches, foam balls or wiffle balls or beanbags

Recommended Players: 12+



Split your participants into two groups. Each group goes to one half of the gym. Select one person from each group to be the Captain, each of whom will go stand on the bench on the other team's side. When the balls are introduced and the game starts, players will try to throw a ball to their Captain. If the Captain catches it, the player joins him/her on the bench. Once there, they can help catch balls to get more of their players on the bench. The game ends when one side wins by getting all players on the bench.

If a player steps off the bench or touches the ground, they must go back to their own side and have someone catch the ball on their bench to get back.

Players can be allowed to block balls with balls in their hand or by throwing balls to intercept.

Players must throw from behind the middle line, but you can accommodate younger players by letting them move up to a closer line to throw.

You can make it more challenging by having them return to their own side if they touch a ball but fail to catch it.

Each round you play you can move the benches farther back.




 The Captains start off on the bench on the other team's side.


In this case the red team wins because they have gotten all their players onto the bench.