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Ducks and Cows



Equipment: None

Recommended Players: 15+


This is a short silly game.



ducks and cows group game

Have players spread out around the gym and sit down. Quickly go to each player and randomly whisper into their ear either "Duck" or "Cow". When you say "Go" they must crawl around and try to group up with all the other Cows if they are a Cow, or all the other Ducks if they are a Duck. Cows can only make one sound: "Moo". Ducks can only say "Quack". End the game when all players have found their group and then announce who was quicker, the Ducks or the Cows. Play it again but have them do it with their eyes closed!


You can add more animals, like Dogs ("Ruff") and Cats ("Meow") or others. You can really challenge them by having them find their group without making any sound at all. This is great to try play with a really large group if you have the opportunity.