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Scream Tag



Equipment: None


Choose two or more players to be It. They are the Taggers and go to the centre of the gym. Everyone else must be touching a wall. When the game starts, the Taggers try to tag the other players. They can only tag a player who is touching a wall. Players can be safe by leaving a wall, but when they are not touching a wall they must be screaming. If a player is tagged they become a Tagger. Taggers may touch the wall and can try to block players from reaching it. Players who don't scream or stop screaming while they are running across the room may be tagged by the Taggers. You can also be monitoring, and anyone you see break the rules would become It. The game ends when everybody has been tagged.


You can make it more difficult be designating someone as the Middle Tagger. The Middle Tagger can tag players who are running across the room, but may not tag anybody touching a wall. Make sure they have a bright pinnie.