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Puppiespuppies running; puppies group game





Equipment: 4 mats, pinnies to distinguish teams



gym floor plan; puppies group gamePlace a mat in each quadrant of the gym. Divide participants into four equal teams and send each team to a mat. Assign one team to be the Dog-catchers. The players on the other teams will all be Puppies. When the game starts, all the Puppies run around, and the Dog-catcher's must try to tag them. If a Puppy is tagged by a Dog-catcher, he/she must go back to the mat that they started on.

The game ends when all the Puppies have been tagged and are back on the mats that they started on. Then a new team is chosen to be the Dog-catchers for the next round. To make it more competitive for older children, you can time how long it takes for each team to round up the Puppies.