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Bee Team Tag




Equipment: Pinnies to distinguish teams



Split participants into two equal teams and send each team to one half of the gym. Each team selects a player on their team to be the Queen and announce who it is to the other team. Have players line up against the wall on their side.


When the game starts, players try to cross into the other team's half to try to tag the other team's Queen. When a player is on the other team's side, they may be tagged by the players on that side. If they are tagged, both the players (the tagger and the person who was tagged) must sit out. This means that players must think strategically about who and when to tag because once they tag someone they themselves are out too. If a player manages to tag the other team's Queen, that player's team wins the round. A player may only be tagged when they are on the other team's side, except the Queens. The Queens cannot tag players or cross into the other team's side.