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Equipment:  A foam or rubber ball, two hockey nets or four pylons


 This game is a team variation of Gaga Ball.


Place nets on either side of the playing area and divide participants into two teams. Drop the ball in the centre. The players must use their hands to hit the ball, following the rules of Gaga Ball. This means no double-taps and no lifts, and if the ball touches a player below the waist, they are out of the game. The goal is to get the ball into the other team's net. Players may also want to try to eliminate players by knocking the ball into their legs. If a player touches the ball with their legs, no matter how it happened, they are eliminated from the game. This continues until one team scores on the other team's net. The team that scored gains a point and all eliminated players come back into the game. 


It may become necessary to introduce a rule where players cannot touch the floor with anything other than their feet and hands to prevent kneeling and "turtling".